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The Quick Tour page is an area that gives you a quick look at pre-built pages, main features and 6 pre-picked template colors. Let’s take a deep breath and enjoy the magnificence of JSN Metal

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Main Features

Content Elements

Content elements in JSN Metal are meticulously optimized for design aesthetic and consistency. The default look of all the contents elements from headings to small buttons look just perfect.

Module Positions

This template powered by JSN Sun Framework, are shipped with many useful module positions to use for any flexible case. But that's not all - you easily can create your own positions anywhere.

Menu Variations

We understand that, as a website builder, you will need different menu types. Therefore, key menu variations such as 'side menu', 'mega menu' and 'tree menu' are always available in our template.

Content Types

Standard Joomla! articles only contain image and text. With JSN Metal, we will make your site become more interesting with new content types such as video, audio, gallery, quotes, and link.

Joomla Power!


- Modern and professional look -

Lego is the house of highly-skillful and talented architects and we all share one main vision of making top buildings to the world. Our company has years of experience of designing buildings and consulting closely with owners to understand their true purposes. Inside each project, we always try create safe and high-performance buildings and save budget.

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Multiple Colors

Free To Select Any Color

A template with multiple colors support you to build many websites with different colors at a quick glance. In JSN Metal, we have pre-picked 6 colors, each color represents one particular meaning. Light red, for example, symbolizes joy, sexuality, passion, sensitivity, and love. You can read more about the meanings of colors in the Internet to apply to each project.